What are notations?

Dice can be rolled through the use of "notations". A notation is a simple string of characters that tells the parser which dice and modifiers to roll.

The format of the notation is based on the Wikipedia article Dice Notationopen in new window, so it's consistent and conforms to a standard of sorts, albeit a very loose one.

It's then been enhanced to bring in extra functionality, that is not otherwise possible with the basic notation.


The notation can be split into several types:

  • Dice - The different types of dice that can be rolled (e.g. d6, d20, d%, dF).
  • Modifiers - The modifiers that can affect dice rolls (e.g. "exploding", "re-roll").
  • Group rolls New - Perform actions and modifiers on collections of rolls
  • Roll descriptions New - Describing or labeling a roll.
  • Maths - Generic mathematical equations.

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You can read more on the basis for the dice notation on the Dice Notationopen in new window Wiki article.